11 Health benefits of regular exercise


Many people jog around in the streets or hit the gym regularly to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle or just do what they presume is good for their bodies, but the benefits of regular exercise go beyond all of these.

Become inspired to exercise by reading up on these surprising ways that physical exercise can benefit your physical and mental health and generally lead to a healthier and happier life.

1. Exercise helps cardiovascular health

The three most obvious ways that regular physical exercise positively impact our cardiovascular system are in lowering blood pressure, improving better blood circulation and in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Regular exercise can help prevent and reverse heart problems. Consult your doctor to prescribe the most suitable exercise if you have a heart condition.

2. Exercise reverses stress

Stress seems inevitable as we journey through life. Physical exercise helps reverse the harmful effect of stress and almost magically removes the accompanying symptoms. Exercise can help relax muscles and eradicate body pain acquired through stress. From migraines to depression, stress can be a terror on your body. Regular exercise will help reverse the symptoms and improve your mood.

3. Exercise helps your mood

Something as simple as a brisk walk around the neighborhood can restore a better mood and improve your state of mind. Exercise releases chemicals in your brain that can immediately dissolve those bad thoughts. And you can increase the benefits by making exercise a part of your daily routine. Whatever form of exercise you choose to engage in, regular exercise will make you a happier every day.

4. Exercise helps you sleep

Have you ever noticed how kids sleep faster and deeper after a long day play with their friends? When you put your body in motion and exercise for a long enough time, you will enjoy a better, faster and deeper sleep.

5. Exercise helps your sex life

Regular exercise will help you feel fit and have more energy. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women. Also, men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction than men who don’t. So, get into a daily exercise routine to magically “light up” the bedroom.

6. Exercise helps you eat right

Research has revealed that exercise helps people unconsciously crave for healthy and nutritious foods. This happens because your body needs certain nutrients to perform at its peak. You will naturally find yourself staying away from fatty, greasy and sugary foods that lack nutritional value. Working out help regulate your body’s natural demand and helps you make healthy food choice.

7. You become smarter and younger

Researches reveals that aerobic exercise keeps cognitive function in top shape and decreases the declining of memory and processing speed associated with aging. You can improve your brain power and repel the effects of aging just by exercising regularly!

8. Exercise helps control addictions

We become addicted to certain things and habits because of the feel-good chemicals released into our brain while engaging in them. Exercise, especially distance running, releases many of the same chemicals that are released with addiction. Running literally gives you euphoria, and that helps kick off those addictions by offering a similar payoff without the side effects.

9. Exercise reduces aches and pains

Physical activity is good for your bones, muscles and joints. It helps reduce stiffness in your muscles. It helps strengthen your bones and like a lubricant, oils your joints. Aches and pains of years of inactivity can melt away with a regular exercise plan.

10. Exercise keeps you motivated

When you create good habits and see results, you find yourself getting motivated in other areas of your life. You will also feel great and have self-confidence, thus becoming more motivated to do more than ever.

11. Exercise is fun

And lastly, exercise is fun. It will become easier, allowing you to push your limits and accomplish things you would never have imagined.

No matter what your activity level or current physical condition is, a regular exercise plan can help you get fit and improve many aspects of your life. So, it’s time to take a walk, join a gym, jog around in your neighborhood, play your favorite sport, or just do some stretching in your living room. You will enjoy these benefits and more as you stay consistent at this!


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