A cheap but effective way to cleanse your kidney


Our Workaholic Kidneys

As the years go by, our kidneys never stop doing its work of filtering the blood, eliminating salt, poison and all that are harmful to our body. However, Over time, residue of salt and other harmful things accumulate and our kidneys require cleansing.

Cleansing our kidney with parsley leaf

Main Ingredient: Parsley leaf (also known as scent leaf)

This process is affordable, easy and effective.

  1. First take a bunch of Parsley leaf also known as Scent leaves, ”Ewe Efinrin” in Yoruba language (Nchuanwu in Igbo language and Faski in Hausa Language) and wash well to clean.

  2. Then cut into small pieces and put in a saucepan and add 1 liter of clean water. Bring to boil for ten minutes and then allow to cool.

  3. Filter into a clean bottle and refrigerate.

Direction for use: Drink one cup a day and you will see your kidney thank you for this.

This has been recognized and approved as reflected on Kidney.org and many other authority online resource as one of the best natural ways to cleanse the kidneys.


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