Factors that make people susceptible to COVID-19 Virus


Factors that make people susceptible to COVID-19 Virus.

Let us explore the factors that increase a person’s chances of contracting or having severe symptoms from Covid-19:

  1. Age:

Researches conducted in China confirmed that people over 60 are at the maximum risk of experiencing severe symptoms from Covid-19. Examples of symptoms defined as severe are trouble breathing, fever, confusion and other symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

This is why the Disease Control Units of different countries encourage people in this age group to be extra careful not to contract the disease.

  1. Other medical conditions

People with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc are more likely to have severe symptoms of Covid-19, than people with no underlying health conditions. These people are also more likely to easily contract the virus.

  1. Sex

Male folks have been seen to be more susceptible probably due to lifestyle issues.

  1. Gene

Certain genes have also been found to be more susceptible.

  1. Immune System

The duty of the immune system — a collection of body chemicals, structures and processes within the body — is to defend against disease or other possibly destructive foreign bodies.

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  1. Previous Immunization

Research shows that Countries in which people were mandated to receive the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine, one of the first vaccines used to combat tuberculosis, had fewer cases and deaths from Covid-19.


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