Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper


While growing up, my parents travel a lot and because we were still minors, they would leave us with a family friend. This family (we stayed with) consumed cayenne pepper a lot. After more than 20 years now, I understand the secret of the sound health this family had – consumption of much Cayenne pepper. Listed below are 7 amazing health benefits of regular consumption of cayenne pepper:

  1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Cayenne pepper helps in lowering high blood pressure. For many years capsaicin, the substance found in cayenne pepper has been known to reduce high blood pressure effectively and without side effects.

It widens the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body. When taken daily it works to correct your high blood pressure.

  1. It Relieves Pain

Capsaicin has potent pain-reducing properties. Cayenne pepper can relieve all pains and aches when both taken internally and applied topically. It reduces the amount of the chemical compound that carries pain to the brain; when there is less of this chemical compound in the body; the pain will be unable to reach the brain and you will feel relieved.

This spice can relieve surgical pain; pains from mastectomy or amputation, it relieves nerve damage in diabetic patients; it relieves pain and distress in people with arthritis, lower back injuries, lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia pain.

  1. Protects the Heart

Cayenne pepper decreases the risk of heart attack and heart disease and other cardiovascular complications. It prevents and reduces high blood pressure, it prevents blood clots, clears and prevents the buildup of lipids in the blood vessels which can narrow or obstruct it completely.

This nature gift aids proper circulation of blood in the body; prevents irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations. It can stop a heart attack in 30 seconds; it prevents heart disease associated with diabetes, it reduces cholesterol, stops the formation of plaque and stops the buildup by breaking down the fibrin network that holds it in place.

  1. Detoxifies the Body

Detoxification is important for peak health and longevity; many naturalists and naturopaths use cayenne pepper in their detoxification program. A common recipe is mixing cayenne pepper with lemon juice for 10 days to detoxify the body and help lose weight.

  1. Helps Fight Cancer

The active ingredient of capsaicin is an effective natural remedy for cancer. The preparations from Cayenne pepper has been used to effectively manage prostate cancer and reduce its growth and spread. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells; it prevents the formation of new cancer cells, it prevents lung cancer in smokers and it can effectively stop the formation of tobacco induced tumors in the lungs.

  1. Boosts Metabolism

This hot spice can boost metabolism and suppress hunger thereby helping to lose excess weight and regulate body temperature; it produces extra heat, burns body fat and calories and control weight gain in that way. Taking cayenne pepper daily can boost the rate of your metabolism by 20% (that is up to 2 hours).

It reduces cravings; controls appetite and prevents weight gain.

  1. Helps Clear Nasal Congestion

Cayenne pepper is effective against sinus congestion; it can thin mucus, stimulates the sinuses, improves circulation of air and relieves other symptoms of congestion.

It will dilate the blood vessels in the nose; it stimulates the secretion of mucus and drains the sinuses. Cayenne clears congestion caused by bronchitis; it treats sinus infections, laryngitis, and sore throat.

It is also effective against postnasal drips, nasal congestion, obstructed breathing and other problems affecting the airways. There are nasal sprays made with capsaicin and you can also take it orally and it should be taken three times daily.


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