How to Boost your immune system against COVID-19


You might have heard that the potency of our immune system can determine how susceptible we are to a viral infection. COVID-19 as a viral infection is not an exception to this truth. Having a strong immune system can actually reduce your chances of contracting the COVID-19 infection or lessen the severity of your symptoms.

Though most people infected with the coronavirus—81%, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—will experience few or mild symptoms, others may find themselves relying on a ventilator to breathe. This, according to various researches may be due to the strength of the victims’ immune system.

Listed below are research backed things people can do to improve their immune system.

Do these to strengthen your immune system:

  1. Get enough sleep: Science has linked sleep deprivation with all kinds of health complications, from weight gain to a weakened immune system. Infection-fighting soldiers known as antibodies and cells are reduced when you deprive yourself of sleep. But sleep shouldn’t be more than 10 hours in a day for an adult.
  2. Avoid Stress: Stress reduces the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens. That is why we are more susceptible to infections during a stressful period.
  3. Eat Right: Eating a diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables has been another advice given by medical experts for boosting our immune system.
  4. Supplement: Vitamin C: A doctor in the United States, gives his coronavirus patients high doses of vitamin C and he said it’s helping. Whether this is true or not we do know that Vitamin C is one of the vitamins sited at the center of the boost of our immune system. Zinc: Zinc is also important since it does play a critical role in cell function in your immune system. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and has an ability to modulate host immune functions. Several researches suggest that vitamin E is an important nutrient for maintaining the immune system, especially in the aged.

Note: Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement in high dose, especially if you have another health condition.

  1. Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise has also been found to naturally boost our immune system.
  2. Take Garlic and Ginger: Similar to supplements, herbs like garlic and ginger have been known to help boost our immune system.
  3. Quit Smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
  4. Maintain a healthy weight


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