Stress Relief Exercises You Can Do At Work


Stress at work is unavoidable. This is because you will be working with different types of people and different types of project. Some of the work can be new to you and the worst thing that could happen is that, you don’t have a team or someone to support you because they too have their own share of undesirable workloads.

Ways To Relax

If this is happening to you right now, be sure to deal with it accordingly to save yourself from too much stress and a breakdown. There are so many ways to alleviate stress at work and one of which can be performed right away during office hours. I am talking about desk exercises that can help you ease stress in a daily basis. Here is the list.

  1. Get a good back stretch. If you are sitting in the office for several hours already, take time to side bend your back as it is a good mid-day stretch. To do this, position yourself at the brink of your office chair and stretch your arms right above your head then interlock your fingers. Lean your body to one side then hold before you do the same on the other side.
  2. Stretch your neck by tilting your head frontward and feel the neck stretched by holding the position for a time until you feel relieved. Do this in different direction as you desire.
  3. Do an upper back stretch. Do this by sitting straight with one arm placed through your body and your other hand holding your arm right between your elbow and shoulder. Pull your arms across and maintain this position for few minutes. Repeat as desired.
  4. Stretch your leg. Do this using a desk to get a good balance. Stand in front of your desk and bend one leg before you pull the other leg towards the buttocks and feel your leg stretched. Hold the position for a few moment and repeat as desired.
  5. Do hips and thigh stretching. Use your desk to keep a good balance as you need to pull your leg upward and downward. Stand in front of the desk and stretch your leg backward before you gradually raise your leg higher and hold then lower. Do this on both legs for few more times.


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