The Link between Blood Pressure and Parkinson’s Disease


There are many things that people need to watch out for as they age. Parkinson’s Disease is
something that you may have to deal with. It is a disease that there isn’t a lot known about, and
it is a disease that is quite scary because there is no cure, and there is no way that you can
recover. Parkinson’s causes very stiff body functions, which can be relieved by the drugs, but the
drugs cause a lot of stammering, stuttering, and movement problems in general.

Although there is no real cure for Parkinson’s, and there is no real way to say why exactly it
occurs, or to stop it before it becomes a problem, there are many things that you can do to
decrease your chances of getting it in the first place. One of these things is to take care so that
you don’t have high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is something that is a cause of many ailments, and in general it weakens the
body and might make other diseases more prominent. In order to insure that your body is as
healthy as it can be, you should take steps to help yourself control your blood pressure.
There are several factors in lowering your blood pressure. For one, you need to make sure that
you are eating right. This is something that becomes very important because you have to be
sure that you are getting a good diet so that you are not falling into the trap of actually helping
yourself get higher blood pressure. In order to make sure that you are doing the things that you
should be doing when it comes to your diet, and therefore you are lowering your blood pressure
and having less of a chance of getting Parkinson’s disease, you should talk to your doctor about
a good diet for you. A good diet, high in vegetables and fruits, and low in things like fat and
cream, is going to help you lower your blood pressure.

Another important aspect of keeping your blood pressure down is making sure that you get
enough exercise. This is something that is often hard for us to do as we get older, so you should
also talk to your doctor about ways that you can help yourself get more exercise, even if you
aren’t very mobile. He will have plenty of suggestions that should help you feel better about
yourself and get in better shape.

Be careful to learn about the side effects of your medication as well. Some of the drugs you take
for Parkinson’s disease could raise or lower your blood pressure. As always, make sure you
completely understand the side effects of any medication you take for any disease to be sure
that this is not too dangerous for your body.


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